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Welcome to Wild Thymez Personal Chef Service!!  Our goal is to provide your dream culinary experience.  Whether intimate, corporate or celebrity inspired, Wild Thymez has the creative edge to make your event an amazing one!   Please enjoy our site and feel free to contact us with any questions!  

What's Chef April Up To?


February 15, 2020



An Introspection Of Art, Culture and Cuisine

February 15, 2020   6:00 - 9PM

Praxis Fiber Workshop

15301 Waterloo Road

Cleveland, Ohio 44110

When I first decided to create this culinary visual art exhibit, I knew that I wanted it to represent the power of the African American woman. My challenge was to emulate the photographic genius that is “Not Manet’s Type” thru cuisine. I chose to do this by recreating some of the iconic dishes of Wolfgang Puck…my way. Demonstrating that soul food, while not considered a standard in gourmet fare, is in fact a multi-faceted genre of cuisine. Rich flavors from the earth, overflowing with the spirits of our ancestors - past, present and future.

Join me on this fabulous journey!



$50 - general admission

Includes exhibit/food tastings/beverages/live music & entertainment

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