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Welcome to Wild Thymez Personal Chef Service!!  Our goal is to provide your dream culinary experience.  Whether intimate, corporate or celebrity inspired, Wild Thymez has the creative edge to make your event an amazing one!   Please enjoy our site and feel free to contact us with any questions!  

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WTPCS Introduces "The Healthy Lunch Initiative"!!  Corporate clients in downtown Cleveland can have fresh meals delivered daily to their employees for just $8/day.  **RESTRICTIONS APPLY** Contact us for details!


NOW HIRING FOR 2019 SEASON!!!!  Sous Chefs, Servers and Personal Assistant.  Please send your current resume to [email protected]

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Give the gift of Wild Thymez Personal Chef Services!  Whether an intimate dinner for two, meal prep, baby food or any of our other wonder services, we have a​ custom gift package available  that's just perfect for you!!!

Personal Chef/Catering

* Personal Chefs


*Culinary Corporate Team Building Projects

*Meal Prep

*Mobile Meals

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Alt Services

*Event Planning

*Gourmet Custom Cupcakes

*Gourmet Pet Food

*Gourmet Baby Food

*Speaking Engagements

*Health/Wellness Demos

*Community Projects

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Custom Sauce Lines

Jamaican Me Currazy Curry BBQ

Amaretto Sweet Cherry

Gluten Free Marinara

Lemon Drop

Mango BBQ Sauce

Creamy Coconut Pineapple

Red Berry Coulis

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