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MILD SAUCE DESCRIPTIONS:  No spice, no heat - just delicious to eat!

Jamaican Me Currazy Curry BBQ Sauce

MILD:  Smoky curry bbq sauce that pairs easily with meats or vegetables.  A great topping for salmon, chicken and burgers.

Taco Dirty To Me

MILD:  Sweet peppers, roma tomatoes and mild spices make this sauce the perfect compliment to tacos, eggs, rice and other southwestern dishes.

Sweet Teriyaki

MILD:  This dark and delicious sauce is made of roasted dates and sesame seeds.  Steak, chicken, pork, seafood and tofu alike will do well paired with this sauce.

MEDIUM SAUCE DESCRIPTIONS:  A little sassiness in every bottle!

Hot Carolinas

MEDIUM:   A Carolina Gold mustard base with Thai chili peppers makes this amazing sauce a fan favorite!  Goes will with anything!!!!!

Wild Buffalo

MEDIUM:  Not your ordinary buffalo sauce!  Sodium free but has so many levels of delicious buffalo flavor.  Toss your favorite wings or cauliflower in this sauce!

Asian Zinger

MEDIUM:  Decadent sweet and sour sauce with a tiny kick of heat at the end!  Delicious on anything that needs a little sweet heat!

SPICY SAUCE DESCRIPTIONS:  Ready to spice up your life?

Cuyahoga River Water

SPICY:  Thick, bold and delicious.  Red wine vinegar based with an amazing blend of peppers.  This may be your new favorite hot sauce!


SPICY:  Rice vinegar base with garlic and ginger so it gives a little sweet with a nice punch of heat!  Slay any dish with this sauce!

Karate Rasta

SPICY:  Caribbean jerk flavors that are so deep, smoky and delicious you will hear the waves of a tropical island while you eat this (or so I've heard)

Mango Habanero

SPICY: Mango puree and roasted habaneros Need I say more?